Mindful Space Course for One-to-one

Mindfulness One-to-One

I came feeling pretty low. I now feel much calmer and and more positive. (The sessions) are like “physio for the mind”.
H.G. Rees, lecturer, Cardiff

Develop your mindfulness skills at a time and pace that suits you

What does Mindful Space offer?

Mindful Space offers a range of one-to-one mindfulness training and support. Working one-to-one is personalised; you will be able to focus on your goals, at a pace and time that suits you. You will be supported in developing and deepening your mindfulness practice and bringing the skills and strategies of mindfulness into your day-to-day life. We offer:

To book a taster session contact Vicki.

Where do you do one-to-one sessions?

The sessions can be by phone/Skype or in person at the Natural Health Clinic, Cathedral Rd, Cardiff.

Mindfulness coaching

Coaching is suitable for people who are new to meditation and mindfulness work. Following the MBSR/MBCT syllabus, we will support you in building and sustaining your mindfulness meditation practice.

Taster session (60 minutes) £25. Follow on options:
• Mindfulness coaching, 60 minute sessions @ £50 paid per session
• Mindfulness coaching, 4 sessions of 60 minutes @ £150 paid in advance

To book a taster session contact Vicki.

Mindfulness Mentoring

We will work together to explore the themes that matter to you. That might be bringing mindfulness into your work or relationships, deepening your meditation practice or working with difficult thoughts and emotions. Mentoring is suitable for people who already have a meditation practice and would like the opportunity to reflect on and deepen their practice. You may well have completed an 8-week mindfulness course or attended a meditation group but would like the support and challenge of working one-to-one.

To book a mentoring session contact Vicki.

One-to-One 8-Session Course in Mindfulness (MBSR/MBCT)

This is the opportunity to do the 8-week mindfulness course at a pace to suit you. We will cover the core syllabus of the courses in MBSR, (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT, (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) including mindfulness of breathing and body scan meditations, breathwork and bodywork, input and discussion on the theory and principles of mindfulness and the opportunity to apply the teachings to your life and experience. This course is the first step to doing further mindfulness training and to using mindfulness professionally.

One-to-One Mindfulness Course aims:

The aim is that by the end of the course, you will feel more comfortable in yourself and:

What’s included in the one-to-one course?

One-to-one course fees: £450 (18 hours tuition). To book a taster session contact Vicki.

Supervision for mindfulness trainers

Mindfulness supervision offers you as a mindfulness professional, space for reflection on your work as a mindfulness trainer. It is an opportunity to work through difficulties, to receive feedback and to reflect on your own mindfulness practice. If you’d like to explore the possibility of supervision, get in touch.

Initial session: £25

Regular sessions: £50


We work to the BACP 'Ethical Framework’. The content of all sessions is confidential.

Cancellation policy for One-to-One Mindfulness

If you need to cancel a session please let us know as soon as possible. If you give at least 48 hours’ (2 working days) notice we can reschedule the session. Less than 48 hours’ notice we ask you to pay. We’re afraid this applies even in case of illness or emergency.