Mindful Space Course for Professional

Mindfulness for Professionals

Training and support for professionals using mindfulness at work

Who is this for?

You might be a mindfulness trainer or a therapist who integrates mindfulness into their client work or a professional who would like to bring mindfulness into their work role and relationships.

Where to start?

The starting point is developing your own mindfulness practice. This might be through a doing an 8-week mindfulness course in a group or one-to-one.

Developing your practice

Mindfulness isn’t something you master and then move on. It is a lifelong path. Bringing mindfulness into our work relationships is only meaningful if you fully embody it yourself. Core to this is continuing develop your own practice and receiving support along the way. To help you do this we offer:

·       Level II mindfulness courses

·       Level II retreats

·       Mindfulness mentoring or supervision

·       Mindfulness workshops

·       Mindful Space Membership

If you’d like to discuss bringing mindfulness in to your work, get in touch.