Mindful Space Course for Starting Out

Starting Out

I am more able to deal with difficult emotions and choose when and how to experience them.
Nikki McEwen, Cardiff

If you’re new to mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing one’s full attention to the present moment; observing thoughts, feelings and actions without judgment.

Why do it?

The research indicates that regular mindfulness practice can significantly benefit physical and psychological health. In particular it has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of stress, depression, addictions and chronic pain.

What will I get out of the course?

The aim is that by the end of the training, you will feel more comfortable in yourself and develop:

Strategies to handle difficult feelings, stress, chronic pain and moods
• Greater patience, compassion, determination and focus
• Deeper body awareness
• Greater attunement to yourself, others and the world around you

How do I go ahead?

We offer mindfulness training one-to-one or in groups. Upcoming training courses that this level are listed at the bottom of this page

What next?

Once you have completed the 8-week initial training programme, Mindful Space offers various ways to help you to continue to develop your mindfulness practice:
Level II courses
Level II retreats

Mindful Space membership